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A Small Sample of Testimonials from Our Private Clients...
Has 250+ members with a 55+% profit margin 
Charging $8,000 for his program - Getting between 3 and 5 clients a month, that’s between $24,000 and $40,000 a month 

90 new clients in just 2 months / 
$40,500 in front end cash (17x Return On Investment) / $202,500 with the back-end cash (87X Return On Investment)
Charging $1,000 for her program - Went from ZERO -> $16k in just ONE WEEK 
Martin is SUSTAINABLY and CONSISTENTLY growing his gyms each and every month and added more than 300 members so far.
Just made $14k in front-end cash and $48k in back-end cash in just 3 weeks / Added 65 new members since using the system / Hired 2 new coaches and an admin and is getting his time back / Growing a Premium Gym generating 50+% in profit margin while only working 10 hours a week
It's All About Getting Your Time And FREEDOM Back...
So That You Can Enjoy Life With Your Loved Ones...
She got 26 new clients and added $30,000 in sales in just 3 weeks - Hired an assistant  
Hired a coach - Getting her time and her sleep back - She is now escaping the hamster wheel 
It's Also About Connecting To Your Purpose, Your Mission, Your Impact, Your Legacy...
$4,200 in front-end cash and $23,000 in back end cash in just one week - Connected to her purpose again
And Finally It's About Making A Great Income
While Transforming People Lives!
Made $11,000 on his first week - He has a 95+% enrollment rate 
He is multiplying his money by 189X on the front-end and by 843X on the back-end

"Remi Is The Only Guru Who Is NOT Full Of Shit" 
Tye Arnett, Founder Of Vive Group (former Affiliate Solutions)
Going Premium Is a Win-Win Solution For Your Business Profit & Your Client's Results