The 6 shifts to a million dollar gym
How Mark generated $26,000 while running his marketing campaign for only 4 days
How Tye Arnett from Vive Group (former Affiliate Solution) helped George Rainey Giles III from CrossFit Hippo run a tight ship while the Max Out Your Gym acquisition system saved his gym
Eric is on its way to 108 new clients in just 30 days!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Braiden generated 11 new clients in only THREE HOURS OF LEAD GENERATION (and $3,850 in front-end cash!)
How Candice generated $5,555 in front-end cash after just one week of using our system
Chris generated 60+ members in 45 days with only $500 in ad spend. That's only $11 bucks a day in ad spend, that's 1.33 new clients a day, and that's only $8 bucks to acquire a new client!
Creating a 7-Figure Gym: let’s talk TABOO with Chris S.
How Kaylee is SUSTAINABLY growing her gym by 20 clients a month with only having ads running 2-3 days a month (with a super low ad spend budget) 😍
How Cyndi is generating leads for just $2 bucks and added 7 new clients and $12,000 in revenue in just 4 days of lead generation 🔥 WITHOUT a bait and switch offer... 🤯
Blaine got 53 new MEMBERS in 3 weeks while spending only $15/day in ad spend. He used a discounted month offer (which is actually not our best - so he could have done even better!). And he is now opening a second location and launching his online program.
How Michael added $10k+ Revenue in his 1st Month of using the Max Out System
How Chris N. made $25k in 5 weeks as a PT/Health Consultant with ONLY 4 high ticket clients, and how he is enrolling clients for $8k 🤑🤑🤑
Martin got more than 500 leads in a month. We then stopped his campaign to get him organized and build systems to convert his leads. He got so many leads that he had to hire an assistant to handle the influx. So far, he got more than 100 new MEMBERS through the system with many other referrals. And he is still following up on all his leads, so more members to come!
Here is Martin's challenge launch...
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